Kedgeree & Congee’s lovechild

I started with a diced mirepoix of leek (whole bunch), carrot (2), swede and fennel, along with the washed roots and stems of a bunch of coriander. After softening in rice bran oil, I added dry ginger and turmeric, then after cooking out the raw spices I added a cup and a half of basmati rice, coated well with the contents of the pot, and added about a litre and a half of fish stock, plus a couple of bay leaves.

When the rice and veg were soft, I added the coconut cream, along with some frozen cooked prawns (pieces of fish would have been nice too, but I hadn’t defrosted any!), some fish sauce and lime juice for seasoning, and once the prawns were defrosted (very quick) it was ready to go.

Topped with a little sriracha sauce and coriander leaves; quite a unique but delicious soup!