A grilled spring veg salad topped with haloumi

fill a bowl with delicious Grown for Taste salad mix
prep and griddle artichokes and asparagus – see below if you haven’t done this before. I didn’t cook the artichokes to soft, which added a nice textural element
meanwhile, mix together olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, mustard, and garlic, and season
halve a punnet’s worth of cherry tomatoes
steep grilled veg and tomatoes in dressing; meanwhile in the same griddle cook some haloumi slices
arrange “mascerated” veg on top of salad mix, drizzle over excess dressing, and top with haloumi

If you haven’t prepped fresh artichokes before,┬ápull off the outer leaves until you get to the more tender, flower petal-like inner leaves; run a paring knife down the side of the stem and heart to peel off the green skin; cut in half and scoop out the furry bit in the middle, known as the “choke”, with a teaspoon (in the picture the left one has the choke removed, and the right one doesn’t):


Place in acidulated water so they don’t brown. For this salad, I then halved the halves (making quarters!) and griddled.