Our preserves are proudly home-made by Mr BB, use home-grown produce where possible, and are flavoured, preserved and thickened with only natural and traditional ingredients.

Small batch and specials

  • Tangelo & Lemon marmalade ($6.5) – chunky but tender hand-cut lemon and tangelo peel, sweet and tangy
  • Raspberry Syrup/Blackcurrant Syrup ($5) – strained berries and syrup, perfect as cordial or dessert topping

Jams & Marmalades – ($6.5)

Our jams & marmalades are full of delicious Tasmanian fruit, in tried and tested flavour combinations, and are set using naturally occurring pectin.

  • 598720_442590885814409_1241964230_nRaspberry jam – just raspberries and sugar, a real crowd-pleaser
  • Blackberry Jam – not too sweet; just right
  • Blueberry, Pear & Vanilla Jam – Miss BB’s favourite
  • Fig Jam – a house speciality using our own home-grown figs
  • Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam – a gold medal winner, flavoured with Ashbolt’s gold medal winning concentrate!
  • Drunken Cherries – not a jam, but these cherries poached in spiced port are another gold medal winner!
  • 14322496_1187756571297833_4699703227165857244_nSt Clements Marmalade – a sweet marmalade, combining oranges and home-grown lisbon lemons
  • Cumquat Marmalade – tart, full of chunky but tender cumquat halves
  • Rhubarb & Orange Marmalade – with an extra flavour hit of fresh ginger and cardamom

Sauces, Relishes, Pickles & Chutneys ($5.5)

Boldly flavoured with freshly-ground custom spice blends, a delicate balance of sour, sweet & salty, perfectly designed to enhance, not distract, from whatever you choose to combine them with.

  • Sweet Indian Apricot Chutney – jammy but savoury, flavoured with freshly ground garam masala
  • Spicy Indian Apricot Chutney – all the deliciousness of the above, but with extra kick! ($4)
  • Tomato Kasundi – our spicier tomato relish option, full of rich toasted spices like cumin and fenugreek
  • Tomato Sauce – just the way tomato sauce should taste, minus
    all the preservatives…
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce – local rocoto chillies; thickened (and flavoured!) with pears not starch
  • Preserved Lemons ($7/$6.5) – soft, salt-cured meyer lemons, one of Mr BB’s favourites and a gold medal winner!

Currently unavailable – we’re working on it!

  • Piccalilli – Britain meets India in a crunchy cauliflower and cucumber pickle with a bronze medal!
  • Zesty Tunisian Pumpkin Chutney – unique to BB, tart and spicy with home-made harissa; another gold medal winner!
  • Cafe Relish – a general-purpose chunky tomato relish, flavoured with fennel seed and capsicum
  • Moroccan Beetroot Relish  – shredded beetroot, honey, oranges and cinnamon – fragrant, tasty and a silver medal winner!
  • Lemon Curd – smooth, sweet and tart, and a silver medal winner!
  • Greengage Jam – these sweet plums are roasted first to intensify the flavour
  • Apricot Jam – made with delicious Moorpark apricots


You can find a select range of our products at Merediths Orchard and Green’s Quality Meats, or you can also buy directly from us or at discounted rates as a vegie box add-on.

If you have your own backyard produce you’d like to see in a Backyard Bounty preserve, or would like to place a large/wholesale order, please email backyardbounty.barter@gmail.com